Open eTwinning.

Final Thoughts

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Final Thoughts

1.What have you learnt from the course?

I have learnt how to make a quality Etwinning project.

2.What are the positive aspects of the MOOC?

- We have had enough time to do the tasks.

- Sharing tasks among participants in the course enhances our ideas about new projects.

-We have seen the twinspace platform in a general way.

3.What are the negative aspects of the MOOC?

I have not seen negative aspects of this Mooc.

4.What would you suggest to improve it?

Maybe, We could have learnt  the different tools in Twinspace platform more in detail.


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I attach a link where it is shown the Project Plan.

UNIT 4: Designing an e-activity to add to the project.

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I attach a link to my task.

UNIT 3: Sketch of the collaborative project.

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NAME:  Sharing our school system.


The purpose of this project is to exchange information about the school system in every school from different countries. Although we will exchange information about every subject in general, the project will be focus on Technology and English subjects. The project will be included in the school curriculum of Technology and English subjects.

Thus, we will develop several themes and events which students do in the school throughout the school course.

The project will be developed by students from second course of secondary school. They are 13-14 years old.


-Exchange knowledge among different school systems comparing things which every school has in common and differences among them.

-Improve English language skills.

-know new cultures and customs.

-Use and improve ICT skills.

-Share experiences among students and teacher from every country.


At the beginning of the project, partners who are involved in the project will propose the tasks and events which will be develop during the course.

Students and teachers will have to make a task about every theme which will be show to the rest of partners later. The task will consist in doing a report, game, digital presentation, video, etc.

Some taks are:

-Introduction of partners.

-School timetable (periods of lessons and holidays during de course,  daily routine in the school, etc).

-Subjects in every school.


-Peace day.

-No violence day.

The means of communications among partners will be via internet using skype, emails, etwinning platform, social network, etc. Besides, we will exchange some tasks via mail such as letters, postcards, posters, etc.


We expect to achieve as a result of the project, the goals we have said previously.

The project tasks will be published by every partner in their school website. Besides, all project materials made by students will be displayed on a wall in the school hall.

What is more, a leaflet will collect the results of the project and a copy will be delivered to pupils’ parents, Town Hall and other schools.

Eventually, the project will be assessed by means of a survey that teachers and students from schools involved in the project will have to make.

UNIT 2 TASK: How can an eTwinning project help me in my teaching?

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What needs or areas of improvement and learning have I detected in my teaching?


I am working  as a technology teacher in a secondary school. I would like to improve my English language skills and my ICT knowledge. Besides, I would like to motivate my students in their learning and encourage to values such as responsibility, constancy, cooperation,  tolerance, etc.

I would like to find new partners in order to participate in Etwinning projects. I am interested in using new ICT tools and learning about new school systems, habits, customs, etc.  Meeting new classmates from other countries will motivate the students and they will be able to interact to each other via email, chat, skype. What is more, Etwinning projects can be the base for making an Erasmus+ project and arranging the mobility among students and teachers from different schools.

I am not happy when I see students who are not sufficiently motivated to learn and they fail.

What projects have I found that might help me?

I have chosen several projects which could help me in my teaching:

-All about us. This project let will know us each other better and sharing new experiences.

-Big Steps Towards Peace and Tolerance!

 I have chosen this project because we need to foster some values such as peace and tolerance in order to create a better World for everyone.

- Twinning up the everyday lesson.

The project aims at introducing eTwinning-based activities into everyday school life. It does not concentrate on one single topic, but it offers a different approach to everyday didactics, bringing eTwinning into the curricula.